Why use Pinterest in digital marketing for business?

Pinterest is very popular among those looking for inspiration and ideas on the internet, but it is ignored in digital customer acquisition and business strategies for companies.

Certainly, reading this article will make you, who already use Pinterest, also benefit from what it can bring to your business – especially if you are in the agro business!

Here’s how to explore the potential of this platform.

What is Pinterest?

For you, who may have already used Pinterest but still don’t know how it really works, here’s a quick introduction.

Pinterest is a free platform for sharing content. It is a social network where you can share images and videos (yours and others), which are available to be used for ideas and inspiration at any time.

You can organize everything you like by saving media in categories called folders. 

Content saved on this social network is called pins (which comes from the English word for pins ). And that’s basically what you do while browsing this network: you place pins to highlight the content you want to save for later use.

You use the platform as if you were “preaching ideas” with pins on murals – which are folders – to consult and be inspired whenever you want.

Pinterest is a place for inspiration, ideas, and business 

The content you save on Pinterest is visible to you and the people who follow you. It is therefore possible to share what inspires you with your followers.

This image sharing and storage mechanism allow users to find content similar to what they interact with. 

Thus, the platform attracts and is useful for people who are in moments of discovery, looking not only for inspiration but for solutions.

It is in these moments that your agribusiness company can use Pinterest to promote engaging content or a solution to access your target audience. 

But it’s not just through pins that a company stands out to its audience: this platform has very interesting features and we’re going to show you which one is specifically useful for agribusiness.

How to use Pinterest in digital marketing for agribusiness?

As a social network on its own, Pinterest really wouldn’t make much sense for the agribusiness market. 

However, it is an excellent tool to position your company among the main search results on Google Images – and this platform, without a doubt, makes a difference for your business. 

Pinterest has a very Google-friendly algorithm – thus, it is SEO friendly. The platform is a facilitator of content optimization techniques for search engines.

With more than 400 million users, the popularity of this platform has become the target of business strategies for large companies. So your business can and should benefit from it!

How the Pinterest algorithm will work in agribusiness digital marketing?

Through Pinterest, your agribusiness company can appear on the first page of Google!

If you have a blog, for example, you can make a direct connection between a Pinterest link and one of your blog posts, ranking well in search results.

Search engines like Google can show your profile, boards, or pins in search results when someone searches for keywords related to your business.

This is because when a particular term is searched on Google, many of the results that appear are images, boards, and pins that have been saved to Pinterest.

Therefore, publishing and saving your blog images on Pinterest increases access to your articles and, consequently, can also increase your website traffic. 

This move also increases your domain authority, which is a ranking that Google gives to sites that rank better among search results: the higher your domain authority, the closer your site appears to the top on Google.

Pinterest is a great organic traffic booster

In addition to all this, some sites, often publish images that are not actually on the site: they are published on Pinterest and their links are incorporated into the page.

Websites do this because Pinterest is a huge organic traffic booster. So, stay tuned for these SEO strategies too to benefit from these great advantages. 

Note that, in user experience in the actual use of the social network, Pinterest is not so valid for agribusiness.

On the other hand, in SEO and search engine ranking strategies (which can be the most powerful digital marketing actions in agribusiness), Pinterest can be a great ally. 

How to create efficient digital strategies for agribusiness

What you learned today is just one of the features of a platform. 

What we mean is that there are several possibilities to explore: you can find vast business potential.

Always remember that social networks and other digital platforms work in different ways for each business area, as is the case with Pinterest for the agro-industry.

It is worth noting that using Pinterest for SEO is a tip that your agribusiness website can benefit from, a lot – especially if it hasn’t been showing good rankings in searches.

This is because Google ranks higher on Pinterest profiles with more followers and is updated more frequently than it does for a site with little traffic.

Pinterest is all about SEO, as it works with keywords and hashtags. Therefore, when you update Pinterest, Google is very likely to find and show your images in search results – and best of all: with good positioning, which will guarantee your company digital authority!