What Are The Advantages Of Sql Database? – What Is Sql?

Structured Query Language is known as sql expansion . Translated means structured query language. A specific area where the data transferred to the computer environment is stored is called a database. The data of all content available on the Internet is stored in the database. A SQL database is a tabular model that stores a structured dataset. Any information that is transferred to the computer environment is called data. As a SQL database application, it allows users to find the data they want to search.

Many operations can be done with SQL in data modeling. Actions can be as follows:

  • Query can be made on the data in the database.
  • Data can be retrieved from the database.
  • The data in the database can be updated.
  • New data can be processed into the current database.
  • Some or all of the data in the database can be deleted.
  • A new table can be created using the data on the database.
  • Access permissions to the database can be checked.
  • A new and updated database can be created.

A database system is a program that can work with different databases. Database systems usually have ready-made templates, generators, and constructors. The most widely used variant is MySQL. It is known to be open source. It is also known that there is no license fee. It is frequently preferred by businesses because there is no license fee. Another frequently preferred database is Oracle. It is suitable for use in various industries. SQL Server is Microsoft SQL database management system. SQL Server can be used on all major versions of Windows operating systems. It is the choice of most consumer software and web servers.


Certain commands are given for the SQL system to work. Commands are called queries. The system takes this query as input and gives the desired output. The query is compiled in three stages.

Parsing: It is the first stage of the SQL query. In the first step, the high-level language is converted to the low-level language. For this reason, sql queries are translated into relational algebraic expressions.

Binding: The same query can be written in different ways. The query optimizer adjusts the query to be the most efficient query.

Optimization: All possible combinations and permutations are generated for efficient query execution. Then the optimized query is evaluated. There are certain commands to perform some operations in SQL.

SQL Commands

DQL: It is known as the language used to query and control data. It helps to find the queried data from the database. The SQL command is known as select.

DDL: It is known as data definition language. A database can be created, its structure categorized and destroyed. DDL shows the description of the database schema. It is the language that enables changes to be made in the database. Commands known as SQL commands are: rename, create, alter, comment, and truncate.

DML: It is defined as the language that enables processing on data. It is a language used to store, delete, change, update the data in the database. Some of the DML commands are known as sqlupdate , insert, delete, merge.

DCL: It is called data control language. DCL is used to allow or block schema objects from accessing other users. DCL commands: grant, known as revoke.

TCL: It is called the process control language. It can also be called database transaction management. The operation either succeeds or fails. SQL commands are known as commit, rollback, savepoint.


Its main feature is that it provides flexibility to query tabular data with SQL queries. New data can be added by querying the database with the SQL program. Updates can be made on the data in the database. Users can allow and block access to different users with SQL. It allows to create new data tables in SQL database.


  • Thanks to the use of SQL, large amounts of data can be retrieved and loaded quickly. Changes can be made on the data using the SQL program. Making transactions is easy and fast.
  • SQL usage is easy to learn and apply.
  • SQL can be used automatically regardless of where the databases reside.
  • It is known that coding skills are not required to use SQL. Learning to code takes a long time. No line of code is required for data retrieval. Keywords such as select, insert into, update are used.
  • Commonly used SQL is used in most RDBMS and a few popular extensions.
  • Sql can be used to organize data independently of other systems. It can be used with other applications as needed.
  • It takes a very short time to reach the desired information during its use.
  • SQL flow control extensions can be implemented with different options for procedural and OP extensions.
  • It works with database frameworks from SQL, oracle, microsoft and the like.


  • SQL in the financial industry: stores and executes data about banking applications, payment processors, financial transactions, and users. The bank database system takes extra security measures in the SQL code used.
  • It is used on social media platforms. SQL is used when applications such as Instagram, facebook, snapchat store the user’s bio and location information. The SQL program is used when the user shares on social media sites. SQL is also used so that any application can update. SQL is used to record sent and received messages. Music apps, dating apps, language learning apps contain heavily used databases. SQL enables to store various content in databases, to store data about the user’s access to the information they are looking for.
  • SQL is also used for mobile applications. It is an embedded database powered by SQL known as SQLite. Android developers do not prefer to keep data on server. SQL is used if it stores data on the device instead of keeping it on the server.
  • SQL is also used in marketing. For insight and better analysis, SQL works. Data, database is very important for marketing professionals. The important thing is data, and databases must be accurate and reliable. SQL is used for accurate and reliable data.

With the developing technology, companies’ adoption of digital transformation is increasing day by day. Their adoption of digital transformation also brings them to a data-driven working system. The language most frequently used by data-oriented studies is the SQL database language. Even doing research on the internet is enough to learn SQL. Learning database language through various platforms is quick and easy. Database languages ​​also have different types. The database language that suits the individual’s needs can be learned through various courses or courses.

Paid or free courses are available online. Optional face-to-face training is also available. A choice should be made according to whichever method is convenient, easy and reliable for the person. It is recommended to do detailed research on databases before starting the course. Then the desired database language should be decided. After deciding on the database language, necessary research should be done on this subject. It is not recommended to start the course without having prior knowledge of the subject. It is also important that it is appropriate for the level and capacity of the user. The needs and wishes of the user are always at the forefront, but individual differences should not be forgotten. Considering individual differences, a course suitable for every level can be found as a result of necessary research.