Social media monitoring: 7 tools to use in everyday life

Monitoring social networks is an essential job to take advantage of all the business potential that comes from these media. 

There are thousands of online tools that make it easy to respond to mentions of your business profile and even find conversations where your business wasn’t directly tagged.

The goal of discovering these conversations and keeping them on your radar is to be able to interact with your audience faster and with more quality. Brands like Ponto Frio and Netflix are successful cases when it comes to interactivity.

So if your company doesn’t have a social media monitoring scheme, this post is for you! We have separated seven tool options that will make this job easier.

Most of them have trial periods so you can get to know and test their usefulness in everyday life. So you pay for the one that suits you best. Keep reading!   

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the work that consists of responding to conversations about your brand posted by people. 

Doubts about the product or service, opinions, suggestions for improvement, praise, and criticism should not go unnoticed. 

In addition to facilitating user interaction and support, monitoring makes it possible to analyze the performance of work on a given network — engagement, reach, comments, demographics, etc — and identify trends to make better use of it. 

Social Network Monitoring Tools | LIST 

To help you choose the social media monitoring tool to use in your business, we have separated seven tips below.

The main thing when using one of these solutions is to choose the one that brings together useful features for daily work and that is easy to use.

Some monitoring tools are part of a more complete management service with scheduling features, for example, among other functions.

Now is the time to analyze the options and then study them to choose the best one. Come on?!

1. Agorapulse

The secret of successful social media monitoring is to concentrate everything in one place and that’s Agorapulse’s proposal.

The tool also offers more features, in addition to monitoring such as posting scheduling and reporting analysis.

The main panel brings all messages, mentions, and comments according to the social network you are currently working on. 

The networks supported by Agorapulse are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The company offers four plan options with a free 28-day trial period.

2. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is also another social media monitoring system that does more than just manage interactions.

Through the tool, you can also analyze the performance of social network profiles through the statistics of the report and schedule the contents of the week.

This type of system allows for real-time interaction, which will make your brand stand out in the market and improve your reputation. 

The social networks that can be monitored are Twitter, Facebook (page and group), Instagram, LinkedIn (profile and company page), and Google My Business.

Plans are monthly and start from $10.

3. Social sprout

Sprout Social is another all-in-one tool that offers more features beyond social media monitoring, just like Hootsuite. 

The program’s interface gathers all the necessary information in a single panel that shows:

  • messages (can be filtered by social networks);
  • tasks;
  • news feed;
  • scheduled publications;
  • reports.

Mentions and direct messages can be viewed separately and you can also search by keyword to find old references. 

The list of available social networks includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Sprout has three monthly payment plans: Standard ($99 – 5 profiles), Professional ($149 – 10 profiles), and Advanced ($249 – 10 profiles). 

4. Buffer Reply 

Buffer Reply is a social media monitoring tool that helps organize user messages by media. 

You can interact in conversations; resolve customer issues and requests to provide a complete and quality experience.

Among the social networks supported by the system are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Buffer Replay offers two plans:

– Pro: $50/month – for 1 user and 1 social account;

– Business: $225/month – unlimited users and social accounts.

Both plans allow for a 14-day free trial.    

5. Iconosquare

Instagram is the social network of the moment. If your digital marketing strategy focuses exclusively on it, Iconosquare is the social media monitoring tool you need to have. 

In addition to monitoring comments, tags, direct messages, and hashtags, you also analyze the posts’ engagement and reach statistics. 

Several users can have access to the same account and be able to schedule posts and view them in an online calendar. 

Plans start from $29 monthly and you can customize yours according to your needs and the number of profiles you need to monitor. 

6. Hootsuite

Another system option for monitoring social networks is Hootsuite. This service is one of the solutions included in the company’s digital marketing platform, which also has scheduling, analysis, and content creation tool.

With the tool, you don’t miss anything that happens in your brand profiles: respond to mentions, monitor keyword occurrences, divide interactions into tabs to better visualize information, etc.  

If your company is committed to producing relevant content, Hootsuite helps with monitoring and much more.

The system provides support for the following social networks:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • Pinterest.

Among the plan options — with a 30-day free trial — are: the Professional, which costs US$ 19 per month and up to 10 profiles can be registered; the Team plan for US$ 99 monthly for up to 20 social profiles and access for 3 users and the Enterprise plan with value and personalized features on request.

7. Mention

Mention, unlike many of the social media monitoring tools mentioned here, is solely geared towards the job of monitoring.

With the system, you can monitor your brand, your competitors, your campaigns, and even the trends in your online industry.

In addition, of course, to being able to respond to all your company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram interactions.

Mention has a free plan that monitors up to 250 mentions from 3 social profiles and three more options with more features released and monthly payment.