Known brands and their marketing strategies (you need to learn)

Establishing good marketing strategies is increasingly important for brands in a globalized and competitive world. In this way, knowing what worked for big names in the market can be an interesting path.

The brand positioning of large companies, consolidated for years in the market, has a lot to teach those who are still trying to grow. Thus, some points about this will be commented on throughout the article.

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What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is critical to marketing strategies. This is because it represents the place that the company wants to occupy in people’s minds. That is, the way she wants to be remembered.

Thus, this concept encompasses the union between segmentation and differentiation. Therefore, positioning a particular brand in the market means being at the top of the segment and offering a different service, so that consumers do not perceive a reason to buy from the competition.

It is important to note, however, that this position is not something isolated. Therefore, it must be done continuously and reinforced throughout the company’s trajectory whenever this is relevant.

5 well-known companies and their marketing strategies and brand positioning

As a way of illustrating the functioning of brand positioning and its importance within marketing strategies, the following are examples of five companies that managed to define the image they would like in the minds of consumers and today are giants in their respective market niches.


Currently, McDonald’s is present in more than 117 countries around the world. Its positioning strategy is based on four different but complementary concepts:

  • Experimentation;
  • Innovation ;
  • Segmentation;
  • Adaptation.

The reason for this is linked to the particularities of each country, something that the company understands as fundamental for dialoguing with its consumers and understanding their preferences.

Thus, considering these aspects, McDonald’s is able to offer positive experiences and become an excellent example of brand positioning, especially given the complexity of this marketing strategy.


Over the years, Apple has become a company that is synonymous with exclusivity. This has to do with the way it positions itself in the market, so that its products have come to be seen as luxury items.

Given this, the company managed to become dominant in the technology segment. This posture can be observed both on its internet channels and in Apple Stores, spread around the world.

It is worth mentioning that this type of positioning is not only valid for your marketing campaigns, but also for thinking about your new products. Thus, this justifies the reason why each new release of the company is talked about and manages to achieve the success it expects.


The consumer experience is something that is on the rise in today’s marketing strategies. And that’s exactly how Starbucks positions itself in the market: as a brand that always wants to offer positive experiences for its customers.

This is in every detail of the company, like the simple act and writing the name of customers on the glass when delivering the drink. This habit has become part of the company’s culture and to this day generates thousands of posts on social networks, becoming a very interesting form of organic dissemination.

In addition, it is interesting to note that this turned out to be a joke among the brand’s fans and made the act of buying a coffee more pleasant. But that’s not all that makes Starbucks’ brand positioning stand out among the rest.

It is also possible to highlight the use of technology since orders can be made through an application. In this way, the customer is able to optimize their time and avoid queues. Therefore, your experience is improved and this reinforces the idea of ​​offering positive experiences.

Another point that contributed a lot to Starbucks’ prominence in the segment was its commitment to social causes. In 2013, the company even openly declared its support for gay marriage, something that displeased some US shareholders.

In response to this, the president even pointed out that he did not defend equal rights to profit, but as a matter of principle, which contributed to a positive view of Starbucks.


Coca-Cola can be considered one of the main examples of success in brand positioning strategies. The company is number one in its segment and has been in the market for over 120 years, which significantly reinforces this issue.

This is due to their marketing campaigns, which have always been anchored in values ​​that everyone can identify with. Thus, issues such as friendship, joy, sharing, union, and fun have always been at the heart of the company’s strategies.

It is possible to say that Coca-Cola positions itself in the market to promote consumer engagement. The company does this by encouraging them to share happy moments and good experiences with the people they care about, which awaken connection.


Currently, Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Your brand positioning is directly linked to offering a quality shopping experience. To this end, it seeks to offer consumers a series of advantages.

Among these advantages, it is possible to highlight the Amazon Prime subscription, which has an affordable price and offers benefits such as free shipping and access to the company’s streaming, Prime Video.

Still, in the sense of ensuring a good shopping experience, Amazon is focused on agility in deliveries, so it has become a reference in logistics. Another aspect that contributed greatly to the company being well regarded by customers is the freedom they have to talk about their products in the comments section of the site, which shows the importance that the company gives to feedback.