How to Change Careers to IT (Technology)

A career is an integral part of the professional life of any person who graduates from college or university. The advent of Information Technology in every walk of life comprises but is limited to government business, Private business, health, education sector, etc. This advent crosses the boundaries and limitations of dependency on traditional working methodologies.

Choosing the right career is very important. However, keeping the scope and potential of Information Technology, a complete pathway is defined to start modeling your ways toward IT. 

Pathways for a Successful Transformation

Joining the pathway towards a successful transformation from your non-IT background to IT as a career, taking the following training sessions certifications are necessary.

Joining the Right Tech Pathway

Take some time to think about what got you to the point where you want to make a career transition. If you’re going to make more money, specific careers like becoming an AI engineer or full-stack developer are great career choices. If helping people motivates you to make a career change, consider a job in technology or IT support staff.

Get Your Research Work Done

While doing your research to make your career change to IT, you should start with the top jobs in the industry. Below is a list of the top positions to consider in IT.

  • Computer Software Engineer/developer
  • Data scientist
  • IT Service/manager
  • Information security professional
  • Computer network administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Website developer
  • systems administrator
  • IT support specialist

Platforms for Free Training

There are numerous online platforms to start your career as an IT professional without an IT degree. The top platforms below contain courses relevant to the aforementioned top-notch IT fields in the industry concerning the job market.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a website through which a lot o people switch and advance their careers. Coursera works with many universities and organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in different subjects. You can learn a lot as it provides access to online courses, anyone, anywhere, and degrees from leading companies.

  • Experience with Coursera

You can start your journey with Coursera and learn a lot from it, as it provides top-quality teaching from different universities with evidence-based learning strategies.

It provides a fantastic opportunity to learn anything on your schedule, and you would be on time for the timings. You will know the top institutes from your mobile app at your comfortable place.

2. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is an international online platform that provides online training through video content to help learners to get on board with different fields of education. The fundamental goal of khan academy is to create an environment where students can learn more by wasting less time. The platform produces a lot of long and short-duration video content lessons.

And the most impressive and helpful thing about this website is that It also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for the students.

  • Learning Resource for all Ages

Khan Academy empowers students to study on their own in and outside the classroom, and people offer practical exercises, informational videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. From tackling math, science, IT & computing, history, art history, and economics.

  • Helps Boosting Your Skills

The following academy focuses on your skill mastery to help you establish strong foundations to achieve your goals. It is like a global classroom where millions of people join from all over the world, each with different stories from which you can learn and get motivated.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a multiple platform that provides you with numerous online courses that you can choose according to your choice. It will further help you on every learning step by providing videos about your selected system.

You can take your notes and study further on it or even ask questions like you usually do in any institute. 

  • How does it work?

The foundation of Udemy is its lectures. Everything is explained so that you will think that you are learning at any institute and can tackle everything independently at a certain point.

The Instructors can add various practice activities and resources to improve people’s learning experience by adding slides and texts.

  • Boosting your Career in IT 

Right after getting adequate training to step into the career of IT, enhancement of skills with well-established Paid Certification is necessary to boost your career and get an opportunity in the industry. Following professional certification pathways are industry-centric and job oriented in significant IT fields.

  • Cisco Certifications Programs
  • Microsoft Certifications pathway
  • Linux Certification
  • Information Security Ethical Hacking Certifications


In today’s world, where everything is increasing, you don’t have to worry about your degrees to be a part of any institution like in old times. Changing your career to IT (Technology) is relatively easy now because IT provides diverse opportunities to showcase your skills, give an online interview and achieve your goals.