Hoverboard overheating: see causes, risks, and how to avoid

Hoverboard overheating is a subject that deserves attention, as it can put safety and even people’s lives at risk. In this article, you will see what can cause this phenomenon, the consequences, and how to protect yourself in the event of serious accidents.

Have you ever heard of hoverboard overheating? This is a topic that tends to scare a lot of people, especially those who believe that the equipment is harmless.

The truth is that, a few years ago, this problem became common and sometimes led to serious incidents.

And one of the main causes was the irregular commercialization of electric skateboards, due to the success that the equipment had as soon as they appeared in the market.

But this is not the only cause of hoverboard overheating and this is precisely what we will talk about in this article.

You will also see what complications this irregularity can cause. Also, how to avoid it and what to do if it happens.

Hoverboard overheating

If you’ve already researched hoverboard overheating on the internet, you must have come across several complaints and news about the problem.

A few years ago, several models of electric skateboards were recalled in the United States.

At the time, it is estimated that around 500,000 units from 10 different manufacturers and retailers were recalled precisely because of incidents caused by this type of problem.

But does hoverboard overheating still happen today? What are the causes, and risks, and how to avoid this intercurrence and greater damage?

That’s what we’ll see in this article. Let’s go?!

What can cause the hoverboard to overheat?

Firstly, let’s address the possible causes of hoverboard overheating.

In the beginning, especially when the electric skateboard became a fever in the country and in the world, it was common to find equipment with prices well below the market.

And even without any manufacturer’s warranty.

That, in itself, was already considered a warning sign. Firstly, it raised the suspicion of a counterfeit product.

Secondly, the quality of the electrical part of such models almost always leaves something to be desired.

Many were even composed of low-quality batteries.

As a result, the equipment ends up overheating and causing serious damage to users, as we will discuss later.

Risks of hoverboard overheating

However, the biggest problem is not that the electric skateboard gets too hot. But, yes, what hoverboard overheating can cause.

For those who don’t know, at first, the problem can cause sparks, smoke, and even a short circuit.

In addition, fires and explosions can still occur which can put safety and even life at risk.

And not just the driver, as many can imagine, but all the people around him.

There are cases, for example, in addition to the driver leaving the accident with burns, the environment in which he finds himself still ends up suffering serious damage.

How to avoid hoverboard overheating?

Now that you know that hoverboard overheating can happen, it’s time to check some tips to avoid it. See below:

  • Give preference to hoverboards from well-known brands and prefer to buy from stores/sellers with a good reputation;
  • Analyze if the batteries and chargers are of quality;
  • Also try to find out if the hoverboard has a PCB board, which is a kind of stabilizer responsible for managing the load and avoiding overloading;
  • Invest in models that have safety and quality certifications, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and UL 2272;
  • To avoid further problems, only choose electric skateboards that have a manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Do research on the hoverboard market price and run away from equipment that is priced much lower than expected;
  • Also, be wary of hoverboards that come without a manual and/or invoice;
  • Be sure to also observe the quality of the parts and the finish, including the proportion of metal and plastic.

Necessary precautions when carrying the hoverboard

However, not always the precautions when choosing the electric skateboard model or buying your hoverboard will be enough.

Some care must also be taken when loading the equipment. Both to prevent the hoverboard from overheating and to prevent other problems.

Above all, it is very important to control the battery charging time and avoid exceeding it as much as possible.

For this, a simple but important tip is: to choose to charge the equipment during the day.

This is because, when plugging it into the socket at night, you may end up sleeping and the charging time may be extrapolated.

Furthermore, once the hoverboard is fully charged, immediately unplug it.

Likewise, avoid charging the electric skateboard as soon as you have finished using it. The ideal is to let it cool down a little before connecting it to the socket.

Also, be sure to evaluate the condition of the use of the charger.

Worn chargers with loose wires or connector problems can increase your hoverboard’s risk of overheating, fire, and even explosion.

Finally, keep the equipment away from flammable products and avoid charging it simultaneously with other devices, especially at the same power point.

What to do if the electric skateboard gets hot?

But what if hoverboard overheating happens? What should be done?

As much as these episodes are becoming increasingly rare, this is a risk that cannot be completely disregarded.

Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about how to proceed in these cases and thus avoid even greater problems.

First of all, it is important to note that the hoverboard overheats not only when it is charging, but also when moving.

Therefore, if you notice that your electric skateboard is getting hot during use, stop using it immediately.

Beforehand, it is important to evaluate the possibility of changing the battery or even investing in another hoverboard.

Now if sparks, smoke, or even fire come out of the electric skateboard, under no circumstances throw water on the equipment.