Hoverboard can get wet or not? Find it out!

How wet can the hoverboard be? Is it even an electric device that can be used in the rain or on wet surfaces? That’s what you’ll discover in this article.

How wet can the hoverboard be?

This is a common question among people who have just acquired or intend to invest in this portable electrical equipment that has been successful in the country and in the world.

A pertinent question, after all, the hoverboard has been adopted as a means of locomotion in urban areas, especially in small displacements.

So, nothing is more natural than coming across wet surfaces halfway through or even being caught by surprise by rain, right?

In this article, in addition to finding out if the hoverboard is waterproof or not, you’ll check what precautions must be taken in this regard so as not to damage your device. Let’s go.

Can Hoverboard get wet? Understand the true definition of water resistant

You may have already seen that there are some models of hoverboards available on the market that are water resistant, right?

This is the case of the KO-X hoverboard, manufactured by Kiwano. In addition to IP56 certification, this model is equipped with high-quality parts and circuitry and Samsung battery.

In this way, in addition to being water resistant, it still offers protection to wet surfaces. No wonder it is a model widely used in places like beaches and clubs.

What not everyone understands is that this “water resistance” only means that such equipment offers protection against small volumes of liquids.

Such as drizzle, light spray or a small amount of water on the surface. And that’s exactly what we’ll explain further below.

Find out once and for all: hoverboard can get wet or not?

Although some models are water resistant, it does not mean that the hoverboard can get wet.

This is because the equipment was not designed to be kept under constant exposure to water, much less submerged in liquids of any depth.

In short, a slight drizzle on the hoverboard, for example, may not cause any problems to the device.

On the other hand, heavy rain, muddy puddles or powerful jets of water and even total immersion in liquids can cause a lot of headaches and even financial losses.

Not even throwing water on the electric skateboard in order to clean the equipment, either with a bucket or hose, is advisable.

Furthermore, there is also a global recommendation that riders should never get on their hoverboards with wet feet.

And do you know why? This is what we will explain further below.

How water and other types of liquids can damage the electric skateboard

Jets of water on the hoverboard can be enough to permanently damage the equipment.

First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that, in general, it is recommended never to wet the hoverboard, even if it is turned off.

That’s because, as we saw earlier, the equipment is definitely not waterproof, as many may think.

Therefore, any type of liquid in the device, no matter how small, can damage the hoverboard’s electrical system.

And, worse, permanently damage the equipment, among other inconveniences, as we will discuss below.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that it is also not advisable to leave the hoverboard exposed to the sun for long periods.

After all, such conduct can, in the same way, damage the board or battery of the equipment.

Getting the hoverboard wet may void the warranty.

In general, the information that the hoverboard is not waterproof is usually indicated in the instruction manuals and very clearly.

In many cases, it is even clear that the simple fact of driving the equipment on the ground where there is spilled water is enough to damage the product.

And not for nothing. After all, this is usually one of the conditions that can lead to the loss of the equipment warranty.

Be it damage or defects caused by walks in the rain or immersion in water, among other different situations of misuse.

Or even breakdowns caused by disassembly or unauthorized repairs, common attitudes at the time of desperation in order to save the electric skateboard.

What if the hoverboard catches fire?

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric skateboard or have already secured yours, you must have certainly been informed about the risks of fire and explosion.

A problem that is considered common in parallel or cheaper models that have low-quality batteries.

But it can also happen as a result of lack of maintenance of the electrical part, overload of the energy point, poor conditions of use of the charger and/or overheating of the equipment.

So, what to do if the electric skateboard catches fire, considering that the hoverboard cannot get wet?

Even in these cases, under no circumstances, throw water on the equipment, especially if it is still connected to the socket.

It is recommended to use a fire extinguisher and call the Fire Department immediately.

Hoverboard can get wet by accident. What to do in these cases?

There are cases where the hair dryer can be a great ally to help the water that got into the hoverboard dry faster.

As much as the electric skateboard is not waterproof, the hoverboard can get wet by accident. And what should be done in these cases?

Firstly, it is recommended to turn off the equipment as soon as possible and let it dry naturally.

Preferably, in a dry environment, with good ventilation and contact with the sun to give space for the water to evaporate.

The faster you act in this regard, the more chance you have of saving your electric skateboard.

Furthermore, if it is a liquid without particles, such as water, the problem can be solved more easily than if it is juice, for example.

There are people who even use a hair dryer to help the water evaporate faster. However, the device should be kept at medium or low temperature.

It is also recommended to remove the battery from the device and never recharge it.

In addition to disturbing the drying process, such conduct can still aggravate the problem, causing an internal short that can even burn the motherboard.

Another important recommendation is: do not to open or disassemble the hoverboard in an attempt to dry it from the inside.