Email Marketing: 4 Strategies for You To Implement Today!

Relating well with the customer is one of the fundamental points to creating better shopping experiences for your consumers. Email marketing strategies are great tools to create this link between your brand and your customers, see their importance, and learn about some good examples of campaigns.

How important are email marketing campaigns?

Before seeing what makes up good email marketing and knowing some types of interesting strategies, you need to understand the relevance of this type of action to your digital marketing strategy.

A successful email marketing campaign goes far beyond the tons of messages that fill consumers’ inboxes with product offers. 

In fact, it is a very useful tool to create and maintain a good relationship with your customer, whether in businesses such as a sales site or other types of companies such as service providers.

Emails can have different types of directions and purposes, as we will see in more depth in topics later in this post. 

  • E-mails on commemorative and anniversary dates;
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell on top of other purchases;
  • Thank you messages;
  • After-sales and Re-marketing ;
  • Research and feedback;
  • Dissemination and selling of digital products ;
  • Lead nurturing;
  • Promotional emails, especially when setting up e-commerce ;
  • Blog update;
  • newsletter;
  • Information about purchase status on dropshipping sites and traditional e-commerce.

These are just a few paths that can be followed according to the strategy outlined. 

Greater reach

Even if it is not the means of communication you use the most, it is certain that you have an active email account. 

A survey carried out in 2019 by Statista showed that about 3.9 billion people have at least one email account worldwide, that is, half of the world’s population has this active communication channel.

 From the first step in capturing contacts, through optimizations, marketing, and sales relationship to the raising of hands for sale, you can find it here.

Dynamism in creation

Within an email, almost anything is possible, you can send from a common text message, just for information purposes, to placing images, links to videos, and other pages that attract leads to follow in the sales funnel stages.

With a job well done, it is possible to attract attention and get your lead or customer to click on the links and eventually make the decisions you expect within your strategy. 

Direct customer channel

One of the main points of working with email marketing is precisely to be able to maintain a relationship with your customer base. 

According to marketing expert Philip Kotler, keeping a customer can be up to 7 times cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Email marketing increases your chance of reaching the people you want to impact with your message. 

What can’t be missing in a good email marketing strategy?

Now that you know the relevance of this tool, we are going to bring you some important points that need to be a rule when putting together a quality email strategy.

Put the customer at the center of your message

A company’s results will always be better when actions are aimed at achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and improving the shopping experience, so the focus of emails needs to be on contact segmentation and content relevance.

Each e-mail sent needs to take into account the profile, behavior, and wishes of the person receiving the message, in order to have a greater chance of being read and achieving the objective of each campaign. 

So, before writing and sending an email, try to respond:

  • What drives your customers to buy from you?
  • What does each profile within your base expect to receive by email?
  • How can this email improve your customer’s experience?
  • Does what you’re sending to your customer match their position in the sales funnels?

Automated shipping frequency

The ideal frequency of sending messages is something difficult to find, but critical to the success of a campaign. An exaggerated volume of emails can generate dissatisfaction on the part of your leads who feel suffocated by the company since a very low frequency will not be able to hold your lead’s attention.

There is no ideal frequency, everything will depend on the profile of your customers and the results of tests.

Platforms such as email marketing automation software are key to scheduling messages such as automated ones that relate to updates to steps within the payment gateway and other steps in the buying and selling process, as well as ensuring the creation of a flow of nutrition aligned to the customer’s profile and the stage of the purchase journey they are in.

Metrics monitoring

Finally, a campaign will only be successful or not if you follow the metrics that will measure the final results. The main email marketing metrics you need to track during a campaign are:

  • Email open rate;
  • Email receipt rate;
  • Number of clicks within the email;
  • Number of registrations and cancellations;
  • Conversion rate.

4 email marketing strategies you need to know

Ready to get your hands dirty and start your email marketing campaigns? We separate four great strategies that serve any type of business and have good results overall.

Promotional emails

Promotional emails are the most common type of email, the idea is to promote a product by sending messages to your lead base with offers that might interest that audience. Here you must analyze your audience well to know what to send to each lead. Once again, the automation tool will help you generate this intelligence.

During the campaign, it is worth observing the metrics we mentioned to measure whether that customer really wants to receive this type of message.

Blog update

This type of email works like a newsletter, sending the latest updates from your blog to anyone who has shown an interest in your content. It’s a way to engage your lead more and make them know more about your brand.

Nutrition flow

One of the longest strategies, the nurturing flow consists of a series of emails sent according to some lead action. Everything must be automated in advance, so a click on a link will generate a new automatic email, the absence of clicks another type of email, and so on.

Survey emails

Getting to know your customers better is a great way to serve them, exceed their expectations, and, consequently, sell more. 

So emailing them with surveys and asking for their feedback is an excellent way to learn more about them.

It is possible to do satisfaction research after purchasing to some research to understand the reception of your customers for changes of processes or addresses of your company, for example.