Electric scooter can get wet? Truth or lie; find it out

It is true that the electric scooter can get wet, but you need to be aware of some tips to not damage your bike. Check out!

If you’ve never been in traffic with rain and flooded streets, you probably don’t live in Brazil. And it is thinking about this perrengue that many people who want to change their car for an electric motorcycle want to know: after all, can an electric scooter get wet?

In times of high fuel prices and no expectations for a reduction in gasoline prices, migrating to electric vehicles has been a viable alternative.

In addition to savings, electric motorcycles also offer a series of advantages over conventional ones, which if you don’t already know, it’s really worth taking a look at this article we made about the 6 main reasons for you to have your little motorcycle !

Returning to the question:

The truth is that the electric scooter can get wet, but some care is needed.

So, if you live in a region with frequent rains or already imagine yourself washing your scooter, continue reading this post and understand what you need to know in order not to damage your scooter.

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Can an electric scooter get wet in the rain?

The easiest way for you to grasp this answer is to think about a water-resistant cell phone.

You know those devices that can take rain and even be submerged for a certain time and depth?

Yeah, they, as the name itself says, are water resistant and manage to maintain full functioning even after wet.

But if, due to some carelessness, you exceed the time or the amount of water that came into contact with the device, it is likely to spoil, and then there is no rice that will come in handy. It’s damage for sure.

Electric scooters are like tough cell phones. RE-SIS-TEN-TES, not waterproof, you know? You can walk in the rain, yes, but you have to be careful. Even knowing that your cell phone can handle it, would you leave it submerged in a pool for a long time?

Electric scooter care in the rain

As you have already seen, the electric scooter can get wet, but it is recommended that you avoid driving your motorcycle through very flooded areas.

The ideal thing is that the water does not even reach half of your wheel, remaining only at the level of the tire itself, this is because the wheel has entrances that give access to the engine and battery, therefore, facing a flooded street or a puddle can damage the operation.

In these cases, it’s better to wait a bit and go out with your scooter when the rain eases.

In addition, another important tip is to always dry your motorcycle as soon as you are no longer using it. Dirt impregnated after taking rain can cause long-term problems.

So if that was your main question, it’s already answered. Now if you want to know the answer to other frequently asked questions, visit the post about the 7 biggest questions about electric scooters here on the blog.

How to wash the electric scooter

Well, if the electric scooter can get wet in the rain, it can also be washed, right?

Yes! It is even recommended that you always keep it clean so that dirt does not damage any parts.

Here are some tips for properly washing your scoter:

  • Always wash your scooter with a cold engine;
  • Do not use high pressure equipment;
  • Throw water only on the outside, avoiding accesses and entrances;
  • Use a microfiber cloth or flannel;
  • Use neutral detergent or shampoo to avoid damaging the painting;
  • Do not use washing powder, alcohol or bleach;
  • Dry a lot, especially in the engine and battery area;
  • Do not use the “little black” on the tire, as the product can remove the adherence of the tire.

By following all these precautions, you will keep your scooter in good condition and will hardly have future problems.

Other maintenance tips for your electric motorcycle

An electric vehicle requires special care. Obviously, they are more sensitive and susceptible to various damages, although all the advantages they provide are worth the attention they need.

Therefore, we separate 3 simple tips for you to keep your electric motorcycle practically new for a long time.

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1 – Protect your electric scooter from strong exposure to the sun

Nobody here is telling you not to leave the bike in the sun, of course if you’re riding, it’s in the sun. But it is not recommended that you expose it to sunlight, leave it parked for a long time, or store it in an uncovered garage, for example.

It is preferable that you store your scooter in a closed and dry place and, if possible, with a cover to protect it from dust.

This is because excessive heat is not good for electric vehicle batteries, which age and lose the ability to hold a charge for longer.

2 – Beware of the sea breeze

Those who live on the coast know that the sea air is a real enemy of electrical products. So, if you live on the beach, keep your scooter always covered and maintain it with anti-corrosion agents to help maintain the equipment.

3 – Dry your scooter whenever it rains

You saw that, after washing your scooter, you should also dry it, but this tip also applies to the days when you took it in the rain.

Don’t let it dry alone waiting for the next wash. Whenever you take a shower, even if you are not going to wash it afterwards, use a dry flannel to dry your scooter before storing it.

In this post you saw that the electric scooter can get wet and that, following a little care, you can keep your electric motorcycle well maintained for a long, long time.