E-Commerce Considerations & The Power Of Comments

With the development of technology, many innovations began to enter our lives. In line with these innovations, online shopping continues to increase and diversify. In this system, which is called e-commerce or online shopping, even if you cannot get the product you want to buy, the experience of the people who buy and use the product gains importance.

At this point, the user comments section on shopping sites and brands’ own applications becomes one of the most important factors. User reviews are a factor that significantly affects the purchase status of a product. The point that many online shoppers pay attention to is the comments of the people who use that product, and these comments help people have an idea about the product. Phenomena about various brands and products also leave comments. You can also get information about the product you want to buy by taking into account the comments of the phenomena. So what should be considered when buying a product? How important are product reviews? What is the importance of videos on product pages? Let’s find answers to these questions together.


Online shopping, which has entered our lives with the speed of light in the last century and has become widespread, continues to grow and spread day by day. Now you can shop from your seat without having to visit the stores and go to the market. When you visit or go, you can see the products you want to buy, pick them up and examine them. At this point, it is possible to easily make the points that need attention. Since you do not have such opportunities when you shop online, the virtual world offers you different conveniences. Of course, it brings with it points that you should pay attention to. Whether you are a member of the site you want or not, you need to specify some private information that belongs to you, such as name, surname, phone number, card information, address, in order to be able to shop.

Your product shopping can vary from food to cosmetics, from textiles to markets. Of course, each product group has its own points that need attention. Expiry date, ingredients, etc. When looking at shopping in a general framework, some issues need to be considered in your orders that you make with a single click. In addition to this convenience and comfort that has entered our lives, here are the things to consider when shopping online:

  • When shopping online, you should make sure that you are connected with a secure connection. The point you need to pay attention to for this is that the site you are shopping for has an SSL Certificate. If you think about how I can understand this, you can check by looking at the address of the site. If there is “https://” in the address bar, that site has the mentioned certificate. In this way, you can be sure of the security of your personal information.
  • Another important point to consider when buying a product is to shop from shopping sites that you trust. Whether you shop in stationery, textiles, food or cosmetics, take care to shop from websites that have proven themselves in the industry, known and accessible to you. If you want, you can easily make your purchases through the mobile applications of these sites. One of the most important advantages of such sites is that user comments are high and visible. In this way, you can have more information about the products you want to buy.
  • When examining the products you want to buy from the internet, you should definitely read the parts of the product descriptions. In this section, besides giving all kinds of details about the product, you can also have information about whether the product has a warranty. You can confirm the accuracy of this information by reading the user comments section.
  • When you want to buy a product, you have to share your card information. For this reason, you should try to shop from sites that have a 3D Secure Payment system. Thus, you can confirm your shopping confirmation with the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone. You can do your shopping with confidence with this system where you can provide extra security.
  • Almost all of you have seen concepts such as Distance Sales Agreement and Preliminary Information Form that you come across while purchasing a product on the internet. Because you cannot complete your shopping without checking the boxes with this information. Be sure to read this information that includes your rights. In fact, if such information is not provided to you while shopping, do not shop from those sites if necessary.
  • In order to avoid any mistakes, you should make sure that the information you enter such as address, name, surname is correct. It is useful to check your cargo and delivery information at this point.


User reviews, or product reviews, are the experiences of people who use a product about the product. In short, it can be said that it is a feedback about the product purchased. When you buy a product, the website you are shopping on asks you to comment on the product. Of course, it’s up to you to comment.

If you wish, you can rate the product or give your opinion. You can even support these views by adding photos and videos. Thanks to these comments, product users share their experiences. People who want to buy the product get an idea about the product. Brands selling the product increase their product sales in line with the comments. Therefore, product reviews benefit many people in every aspect. When you look at the product comments, you can learn many details that you cannot find in the product descriptions or the information section about the product promotion. Sometimes, having technical knowledge about a product may not be enough. You can only understand this by taking advantage of the experiences of the people who use that product. Product reviews convey both people’s experiences and information about the product. Also, phenomenons about products leave comments. You can also get an idea about the product by considering these comments.

Product reviews do not only benefit people who want to buy the product. At the same time, it increases the reliability of the brand to which the product belongs. If you have a brand and there are many reviews about your products, this is a sign that you are preferred. If there are a lot of positive comments among these comments, it will continue to increase the sales of the product in direct proportion. These comments, which are an indicator of customer satisfaction, create a potential buyer for your brand and the site you are on. Thanks to product reviews, customers have the opportunity to evaluate your products impartially. This, of course, ensures trust in both your brand and your site. For all these reasons, before you buy a product, you can advise yourself or your friends to read the reliable reviews of the product you want to buy.


One of the important points in online shopping is that the product you want to buy is presented to you in every dimension. These dimensions are explained in detail in the section with explanations about the product, but in order to present the product in the best way, it is necessary to support the product with photos and videos. Just as you can examine the product in detail when you go to a store, you can have more information about the product with visuals in online shopping. You can watch the product videos for all kinds of details about the product. When you want to buy a product, you can learn all the details you need to know and see about the product with the product videos, with the idea of ​​understanding the size of videos on the product pages. You can understand the dimensions of the product by watching the videos about the product instead of the long paragraphs in the product descriptions. Product videos are very important in terms of appealing to both eyes and ears. While these videos increase the purchasing status of the product, they also lead the buyers to the shopping site that gives more details about the product.