Discover all types of campaigns for Facebook (Meta)

Facebook is a great social network for a company that wants to invest in digital marketing and quickly reach its goals, such as increasing its number of customers and sales, consolidating the brand in the digital environment, and strengthening its relationship with customers.

With that in mind, we prepared this post to present the types of campaigns possible to do on Facebook. That way you can select the right campaign type for your marketing strategy.

Before, it is worth noting that Facebook allows you to carry out three types of campaigns: recognition, consideration, and conversion.


Recognition campaign

This type of campaign on Facebook is recommended for companies or individuals who want to increase their recognition in the digital realm, as well as that of their products or services.

Whatever the size of an organization, investing in strategies to increase its recognition is essential to attract more potential customers. As a result, it can increase your sales. When you have more cash in your pocket, it is certainly possible to invest in your expansion and thus consolidate your brand in the market.

In order for you to be able to put this type of campaign into practice, Facebook allows you to create paid ads or ads, which can reach as many people as possible that are related to the audience profile you want to reach.

Facebook’s algorithm works to deliver the ad or campaign to as many people as possible, and even to those who have no direct relationship with the audience profile that the company seeks, but who may become its customers.

Consideration campaign

This type of campaign, on the other hand, has the main objective of directing people who saw your ad to a destination planned by your marketing strategy, which can be, for example:

• To your website: by clicking on the ad or specific address, the campaign can take consumers to your website, an opportunity that will make them know your products or services better.

• Publishing a blog: You can also lead potential customers to an article published on your blog. At the opportunity, the potential customer can be educated and solve the problem they are facing, such as finding the ideal product to solve a situation.

• Application: the campaign can also take the consumer to an application, either to get to know him better or to register with it.

• Phone call: Finally, we can also say that in a consideration campaign, the marketing strategy on Facebook can lead the consumer to a contact number to call the company’s service team. This type of campaign, that is to say, is ideal for reaching people who are likely to interact with your Facebook post. The involvement of the consumer or potential customer can materialize from the following actions: likes, comments, and sharing of your publications.

Note that this type of campaign has the main purpose of getting the consumer to consider your solutions.

Conversion Campaign

This type of campaign is intended to encourage consumers or potential customers to take a specific action on the company’s website, some examples being:

  • Add items to the cart: The post or advertisement encourages potential customers to visit the company’s website and add products to their shopping cart. The objective is to make the organization improve the results of its sales.
  • Download the company app: in addition to taking the potential customer to the app, it adds an action command for them to download and use it.
  • Register on the website: it also takes the consumer to the website and places an action command for them to register and thus receive offers, promotions, campaigns, and publications directly in their email or WhatsApp.
  • Call the company: Finally, this type of campaign can guide the consumer to get in touch with the company, in order to resolve doubts or praise. In the ad or campaign, the means of contact are made available to the potential customer, so that he can look for it if he thinks it is necessary.

Tips for running successful Facebook campaigns

Now that you know the types of campaigns that can be run on Facebook, you’re likely to want to know how to be successful in running them. We are right? From some tips that we have selected, it is possible to achieve this:

Define the profile of the audience you want to reach

This tip can significantly contribute to achieving your goals with the Facebook campaign. Define the profile of the audience you want to reach with the campaign. It is essential to know the following information, among others: age group, education, region or city where they live, ambitions, dreams, etc.

It is based on this set of information that you can plan an assertive Facebook campaign that will bring excellent results for your business.

Enlist the help of experts

Another tip is to enlist the help of experts in digital marketing campaigns on Facebook. They, in addition to having extensive knowledge in the area, also use technologies that help an organization achieve its goals within Facebook, such as more followers and increased sales.

Monitor Facebook marketing campaign

Monitor your Facebook campaign. It is an opportunity that can make the marketing manager make necessary adjustments to the campaign in order to make it fulfill the objective for which it was created.

Several types of campaigns can be carried out on Facebook by a company, such as a marketing agency, for example. Knowing them well is the first step in choosing the ideal marketing strategy.