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Known brands and their marketing strategies (you need to learn)

Establishing good marketing strategies is increasingly important for brands in a globalized and competitive world. In this way, knowing what worked for big names in the market can be an interesting path. The brand positioning of large companies, consol


Marketing on TikTok is for any business?

So far, we have given an overview of what TikTok is and some reasons why this platform has been growing a lot in recent years. But how effective can it be to generate results in digital marketing?As with everything in marketing in general, it is important


Call to Action (CTA): Everything you need to know about

For those who work with digital marketing, you know the importance of producing ways to attract users to capture strategies. After all, if we don't invest in these processes, we don't get results. Fortunately, digital marketing offers numerous too


What to do when your audience is not on social media?

When we talk about marketing, we automatically think of social networks and building a strong presence on them. While social media is really effective for many businesses, there are cases where customers are not on it. So what to do when your audience isn


Why use Pinterest in digital marketing for business?

Pinterest is very popular among those looking for inspiration and ideas on the internet, but it is ignored in digital customer acquisition and business strategies for companies. Certainly, reading this article will make you, who already use Pinterest,


What does PLR mean in Digital Marketing?

We can see that the market for digital products, that is, infoproducts, is constantly growing in current contexts. After all, with the technological development in the market, tools and devices are increasingly practical and optimized to demand processes


How to generate traffic for your website? (Where to get paid traffic)

Well, you already understand what paid traffic is, what it is for, and that there are different ways to reach your audience. But where is this audience and where are these ads going to be published? As we know, Google and social networks are the most v


Copywriting in 2022: Everything you need to know

Anyone in the field of Advertising and Marketing knows the importance of content marketing. After all, everything we do today needs a format so that it can be interpreted by people. In other words, content is part of our life as a whole, and when this pro


Discover all types of campaigns for Facebook (Meta)

Facebook is a great social network for a company that wants to invest in digital marketing and quickly reach its goals, such as increasing its number of customers and sales, consolidating the brand in the digital environment, and strengthening its relatio


How to define your niche market?

Starting a business is always a big challenge, isn't it? This is because it involves several steps, such as financial, planning, demand, products, and also defining what your niche market will be. Knowing what type of service or product you are goi


Digital Influencers: What do you need to consider when choosing this strategy?

From childhood, individuals are influenced by their social environment and as they grow up, their social circle increases. The expansion of the social environment motivates in the individual an accelerated adaptation in decision making. Many of them ar


Email Marketing: 4 Strategies for You To Implement Today!

Relating well with the customer is one of the fundamental points to creating better shopping experiences for your consumers. Email marketing strategies are great tools to create this link between your brand and your customers, see their importance, and le


Social media monitoring: 7 tools to use in everyday life

Monitoring social networks is an essential job to take advantage of all the business potential that comes from these media.  There are thousands of online tools that make it easy to respond to mentions of your business profile and even find conver


Analyzing Stock Market Trends

The stock market is an integral part of the global economy, with many people looking to invest in and participate in this global economic activity. In this article, you will find information on how to analyze the stock market and use it to your advantage.



The obstacles most experienced by marketers and business decision-makers are usually related to digital marketing data analysis, starting from the process of collecting data, conducting analysis, and using marketing data accurately. The next principle, yo



The business world today is growing very rapidly. This is a good impact on the development of technology in the world. You may have heard the term digital business often. Likewise with the way of promotion, namely digital marketing. Usually, what makes



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