Do you know that feeling that the famous comfort zone has already become stagnation in professional life?

At one time or another, that moment comes for everyone. And what used to be “security” ends up keeping many people awake at night.

Unfortunately, they still haven’t come up with something simple to turn the key around. But, it is possible to take advantage of such moments of stability to seek evolution, growth, and development. And it is precisely at this time that the Growth Circle can help. To know 6 simple tips, and a real step-by-step when putting it into practice, keep reading!

How does the Circle work?

As you saw in the first block of this text, there is no ready-made formula. In other words, there is no single way of stagnation. Therefore, the Growth Circle works as a base and, from there, you can adapt to the reality of your career and your own personality.

Now let’s go through the steps for your application:

Step 1 – Remember the beginning

For starters, reflect: what were your criteria when you chose your degree course? And what job are you in today?

Such questions are important because they refer to that feeling of the first acceptance, a feeling that each of us carries and that in the beginning motivated us to evolve and grow professionally.

It happens that many times we get used to the position and knowledge gained, we forget that our professional experience was once a great dream and that today we are exactly in the place that one day we want.

Therefore, a second reflection is in order here. Have you achieved success despite difficulties, despite having limiting beliefs that get in the way of reaching the top?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry. Fortunately, it is always possible to go further.

Step 2- Admire people

Admiring the right people will give you the motivation to dream bigger and bigger.

Realize that when we stop admiring other stories we are limiting ourselves, decreeing that where we have arrived is really the endpoint.

In view of this, you will see that when we understand that where the other has arrived it is also possible to arrive, we begin to challenge ourselves and go further!

And let’s be clear: it’s not about envy or competition, but about targets, and inspirations that bring sparkle to the eyes.

These inspirations may or may not be from your area, from someone close or far away.

The important thing is that it is someone who has walked a path that inspires you, who has already reached places that motivate you and make you dream of getting there too.

Step 3 – Create connections

It is from this admiration that you will create connections that will take you out of your comfort zone.

As we said in step 2, this happens because we need to create relationships with people to motivate our growth.

Want an extra tip? Keep your LinkedIn updated and active. Do not enter it only when you need to search for a new vacancy.

This platform also contains specializations for you to update yourself on news in your area, and network, and find out what companies, top voices, and colleagues are also doing to avoid stagnation.

Therefore, Linkedin can be a motivation for you to exchange ideas, share experiences, and experience new things!

Step 4: Improve yourself in your area

Commit to being the best at what you set out to do.

For this, always keep in mind improvement courses.

Remember that professional development is achieved day after day, as we become more and more experts in what we choose to do.

How long has it been since you took a beginner course? How many books have you read about your work? Here are worth new publications and even those that were the basis for what you do today.

Another tip is to put yourself in the role of apprentice, abandoning the crystallized idea of ​​already being an expert in the area.

Build relationships with the company’s interns, be the inspiration for many, and teach what you know.

That’s because it’s often looking at what we do every day from a new perspective that we find gas and remember why we chose to do this every day.

Step 5: Be smart by thinking outside the box

Still in the Growth Circle, remember to develop as a professional beyond your position!

Employee, supervisor, co-worker, no matter the title.

How can I contribute to the routine of my company? How do I impact the lives of my customers, beyond the delivery of my product?”.

One of the skills that most make employees stand out is linked to the socio-emotional aspect.

That is, emotional intelligence is essential to reach new places in your career!

Whether in leadership positions or leading projects, staying focused, focused, dealing with conflicts, challenges, and deadlines in an organized and strategic way is what will make you stand out in your area.

Such a skill can ensure that you make assertive decisions and be an exemplary professional, who develops as a human being while developing your company’s plan.

Step 6: Repeat the process

In addition to being a Growth Circle, this practice is also a virtuous circle.

So when you’re done with all these steps, start over and over. Never stop remembering, admiring, connecting, specializing, and developing.

Don’t accept the same and don’t stop living new experiences and great challenges.