4 safe investments to know today

Although there are different safe investment options, people often do not invest due to lack of knowledge about financial education or even insecurity.

Thinking about it, today we are going to present some types of safe investments, which are the most profitable and what is the level of risk related to each one of them.

Thus, you stay on top of the main options for investing, in addition to losing fear to start making your money work. Let’s go?

What are the safest investments?

It is important to make it clear that there is no such thing as a 100% safe investment . What we actually have are investments that are more volatile than others.

This makes variable income investments, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies , riskier than some fixed income products, for example.

In this sense, even the well-known savings account has a low risk, directly related to the health of the bank in which you choose to invest your money.

When putting your money in savings, you need to take into account the risk of the issuing financial institution declaring bankruptcy and inflation, for example.

Therefore, the Direct Treasury is considered one of the safest investments , even more so than savings, since they are government-backed public securities.

But, even so, the investor is not exempt from risks when investing in the Direct Treasury. There is also the country risk itself, that the State enters a crisis and does not honor the payment of its debt, affecting the liquidity of personal investments.

So how to choose a safe investment to invest in?

As there is no risk-free investment, the most appropriate thing to do is to study each investment in accordance with its objectives . This is because risk is directly related to earnings: the greater the risk, the greater the chances of earning more on your investments, and vice versa.

With a lot of study, it is possible to understand the risk-return ratio that best fits your investor profile and that makes more sense for your established goals and deadlines.

To help you research this planning, we have separated a list of 4 safe investments to evaluate:

4 safe investments you need to know + 1 bonus

Below, we highlight some safe investments that are worth knowing better:

1. Savings

We’ve talked a lot about savings so far, but we need to clarify a few more points about it. In fact, many people do not consider savings as a real investment, but as a way to save money.

But this is still one of the most used options for those who are starting to look for forms of financial investment, as it is a safe, simple and accessible fixed income application for all people.

To get started, just choose a bank of your choice, request to open an account and wait for approval.

The profitability of savings will be the same in any institution, defined according to the Selic rate, the basic interest rate of the economy. Therefore, the choice of bank will not influence the yield, only the security of the application .

With regard to security, the savings account is protected by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund). In the event of a default or bank failure, the FGC ensures that those who have money invested in the account receive up to R$250,000 back, per CPF and financial institution.

A major disadvantage of savings is the low profitability , which usually does not exceed 6% per year, which is the income ceiling for when the Selic rate is above 8.5% per year.

Therefore, it is worth knowing other options that are just as safe, but more profitable. Check below:

2. Direct Treasury

Direct Treasury is an example of an investment that is more profitable than savings and is just as safe.

This modality works as if you were making a loan to the Federal Government, which will be used to carry out actions in the country, such as infrastructure works, for example.

Thus, those who invest in Treasury Direct acquire a public debt security and receive the borrowed money back, on a date defined at the time of the operation. The amount is received in corrected form and with the addition of a percentage of interest, which is the yield of this financial application.

The risks of this modality are considered extremely low , as the chance that the Treasury will not honor its commitment to pay its investors even during an economic crisis is very unlikely.

Therefore, the Direct Treasury is considered a very safe investment.

3. Fixed income investments

There are fixed income investments that are more profitable than savings and which still have a low risk, since they are guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) . Discover some examples:

Letters of Credit

The LCA (Agribusiness Letter of Credit) and the LCI (Real Estate Letter of Credit) are examples of safe investments.

Those who invest acquire a Letter of Credit from a financial institution, which will use the amount to boost investments in the sector in which it operates, such as agribusiness or real estate. In this case, the risk will also be related to the soundness of the issuing bank itself.

Both LCA and LCI are exempt from Income Tax, as well as savings.

CDB – Bank Deposit Certificate

The investment in CDB works in a similar way to the Direct Treasury, except that instead of making a loan to the Government, the investor is making a loan to a bank.

The bank will then use this amount as credit to lend to people who need this service.

On the date defined at the time of purchase, the investor receives his money back, corrected and with the addition of interest.

Unlike Letters of Credit, CDBs are taxed by the IR, and it is important that investors choose a product that pays a good rate and is issued by a solid bank, in order to actually have more security and good profitability.

4. Precatory Tokens

Precatory tokens are yet another example of a safe investment that is more profitable than savings.

Technology advances in all sectors, including the financial field, and the tokenization of assets has allowed new forms of access to secure investment alternatives with good performance.