10 Creative Ways To Push Yourself To Think Outside The Box

The proverbial “box” indicates a mental comfort region where only limited ideas are acceptable and entertained. Our minds can not tend to be innovative in tackling real-life issues if we keep paving paths inside the box. To creatively conceptualize problems, you need to think outside the box. Once you step outside the box, you would develop the ability to confront situations differently than we tend to. Some motivational speakers say to get rid of the box, to imply your energy in visualizing the situations from a new perspective. 

From thrashing the conventional standards, many ways can help you generate more creative ideas, conceptualize situations and enhance your mental growth.

So, in this article, we will cover different ways to think outside the box. Let’s delve into the details!

  1. Identify Your Comfort Zone

To discard your comfort zone, you must figure out where your comfort zone lies. Every person holds different views; you first have to initiate with self-analysis. Creative thinking flourishes when you face your fears and let the innovative mindset take on your problem-solving skills.

  1. Talk Over to Someone Oblivious To The Problem

Talk it out! It might look strange if you seek guidance from someone walking on the street, but that’s what thinking outside the box means. Do not feel shy and ask. People’s opinions from different backgrounds would help you to pave the path of creativity. 

  1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a famous approach to nurture your creativity and helps you to step outside the box. This technique involves finding the solution to a particular problem by combining distinct ideas and thoughts. Brainstorming never fails to enhance mental growth and the capability to deal with troublesome situations.

  1. Perspective Shifting

Perspective shifting is another approach to thinking creatively. You get to know conflicting views and opinions if you approach things that way. Start exploring what other people think adversely, and you’ll get to entail a new approach toward the recurring problems.

  1. Consider Kids’ Views

Kids sort things unconventionally and differently. Fears and typical judgments do not bind them. They don’t get irritable about feasibility, observe them, and learn from them. If you ask kids about a problem, they come up with a new approach. You need to know how kids communicate with each other. They are unconstrained thinkers and think creatively outside of the box. So, why not channel your inner child and imply a new perspective in problem-solving? 

  1. Learn New Skills

To become a pro at thinking outside the box, you must step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. That does not mean you have to get a full-fledged degree; you must familiarize yourself with a new concept. Grab a new book, learn a new language or any art. Keep in mind the more knowledge your mind absorbs; the more your mind develops creative ideas.

  1. Look for Inspiration From Unexpected Sources

It is sometimes not an odd idea to look for inspiration from unexpected sources. Seek advice from people who are detached from the issue or have relaxed minds. You’ll wonder how their opinion would help you to craft solutions to difficult situations. Try to talk to a neighbor, colleague, or even a child. Sometimes, considering others’ stances help you in thinking outside the box.

  1. Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is the same as brainstorming, an impelling idea to develop a creative mind that can help you to brush off the box. You can write the problem and encircle it in the middle of the page. Then, step by step, branch off the main issue with the innovative solutions coming to your mind. Keep doing that until you know different perspectives to deal with the problem. 

  1. Sleep On It

Sleep is considered a magic elixir to think outside the box. It offers physical and mental advantages, as disconnecting from the world leads to mind and body relaxation. The healing and repair phase during sleep leads to innovative thinking. That is why we feel more energized and relaxed after getting good sleep.  

  1. Channel The Power Of Humor

Several studies have supported the stance that humor can be a stakeholder in thinking outside the box. The brain’s anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) has been found to link with creative insight. This part of the brain is responsible for a person’s problem-solving skills. 

So, why not watch a comedy show and let your mind break the constraining barriers?


Thinking out of the box should be incorporated into a lifestyle. You have to keep looking for ideas to stimulate creativity. Remember to let go of fear, break stereotypes and keep looking for new ideas. Adopt the simple ways we’ve mentioned here. They would help in nurturing an innovative mind and thinking outside the box.